Ayama Slent Farm Baboons Swing Chenin Blanc [2015] 750ml/White

Ayama Slent Farms Baboons’ Swing Chenin Blanc


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アヤマ スレント ファーム

True People, True Taste. Wine for those you can rely on

Ayama is a high quality wine produced at Slent Farm in the Paarl District, one of South Africa's leading wine producing regions. Slent Farm is a historic farm that has existed since 1685, and is located on the beautiful hill of the protected nature reserve Fool Paarderberg. The current farm is run by a community of 45 people, ranging from children to adults, led by the Italian Dalpias couple. The first wine release was in 2005. They own 210ha of land, and although they have different stories, they love South Africa, respect nature and each other, and make wine with passion.

Fur Paarderberg, where Ayama is produced, is approximately 15 km northwest of the Paarl district and is one of the recently recognized new wine regions. Although the Paarl district is a relatively warm area, the strong sea breezes from the west coast in Fur Paarderberg throughout the year keep the climate cool and protect the vines from diseases and overgrowth. Winters are cold (5℃, with snow in the mountains), and spring and summer are hot, with a large difference in temperature between day and night (30-40℃ during the day and 18-22℃ at night). In addition, the unique terroir of clay and shale, with pure granite topsoil, results in high quality grapes. The wine produced here has the potential to become South Africa's elite wine in the future.

Ayama wine means "one you can rely on" in the local Xhosa language. As the name suggests, it is built on the friendship and love of the people who live here. “True People, True Taste” — Honest people with different roots work hard every day in this beautiful and potential land, working together to create wines with authentic taste.

Chenin Blanc, which was born on a beautiful farm designated as a nature reserve, has a pleasant and rich flavor with flavors like quince and peaches pickled in syrup.

Color/type white/dry
variety 100% Chenin Blanc
capacity 750ml
Production area south africa pearl

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